Patient Group

Why are Patient Groups Important?

We’d like to form our group so that we’re able to consider the services we provide to our patients from their perspective. We hope our group could help the practice by:

  • Discussing their experience of the services we offer
  • Obtain feedback on what’s working well and use that information to guide future service development where possible
  • Learn from constructive feedback and implement change where possible
  • Co-design/co-produce services with patient involvement
  • Develop patient champions who ultimately may become the patient voice

How to Get Involved

We’d love our group to be formed of a representative cross section of our patients. We won't ask for much of your time, and in the first instance meetings will be online. Once we’re up and running it will be up to the group to decide how often and where they wish to meet going forward - this is your Patient Group!

We’ll limit the group to 8 patient members but, all who wish to, will be able to get involved in different ways. To find out more please contact reception. 

Patient Group Information

Whilst the surgery previously had a patient group, due to a break since 2020 we are starting afresh. This section will host copies of meeting minutes going forward, along with the information below.